• Only supplier in Malaysia to produce Chlor- Alkali AND Sulphur Derivative chemicals. Manufacturer and distributor for Malay-Sino Chemical Industries, See Sen Chemical Berhad and Taiko Acid Works Sdn Bhd.
  • The chemicals we offer covers a wide range of essential needs.
  • With our extensive experience of know-how, we are able to offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ demand.
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to build long lasting working relationships with our customers.
Taiko Location

“More than 1.0 million metric tons sold every year over MYR 1.0 billion turnover. ”

Why Choose Taiko

Competitive Pricing
  • Economy of scale competitiveness passed on to customers.
  • Lower cost and higher productivity for everyone.
  • Emphasis on safety from start of production to final delivery.
  • Emergency Response Team to provide around the clock support.
  • Own liquid bulk terminal storage
  • Own logistics and transportation
  • Own manufacture of packaging
  • Total control over quality and zero compromise